ThinkFast ‘Photobiomodulation’ Helmet

Thinkfast Photobiomodulation helmet was created by a Psychologist and Neurofeedback practitioner combining the concepts of neurofeedback & photobiomodulation.  Both neurofeedback & photobiomodulation have,  independently been around over 50 years each.  Both have been proven to be effective in unlimited ways.  Thinkfast creation is ever innovative to incorporate ancient arts and modern science.  Probably the most comprehensive mind body wellness device to own.

Thinkfast Helmet was design with 12 presets to help home users.  Thinkfast professional is available for experts to create customisable settings for their patients.

Every Brain Has  A Second Chance.   Thinkfast helmet aims to help anyone with:  

  • Autism (Calming, meltdowns, focus), 
  • Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Dementia
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Academic & Sports Peak
  • Memory, Focus, improve sleep, 
  • stroke or
  • Simply Peak Performance
Video of what it looks like when PBM is activated as shown by Dr. Daniel Lau (Fellow Engineering)

810nm is better than 1070nm

1070nm may penetrate deeper subject to helmet and led constrution.  However, remember the key is mitochondrial absorbtion and activation. 

  1. Deep optical imaging of tissue using the second and third near-infrared spectral windows

Photobiomodulation (PBM) is the mechanism by which non-ionizing optical radiation in the visual and near infrared spectral range is absorbed by endrogenous chromophores to elicit photo-physical & photo chemical events at various biological scales.  Recharging your mitochondria is possible

 Thinkfast PBM helmet for home users comes with 12 preset functions including one channel targeting cerebellum & stimulating vagus nerve.  

Caution: DO NOT USE more than 2 x a day.

Wellness Labels 

Coverage of scalp

  • The brain is connected to function together as networks.
  • This is why if a helmet cannot cover the full scalp + cerebellum, it cannot work on frontal lobes and cerebellum at the same time.   Thinkfast can!

Found: the dial in the brain that controls the immune system

Thinkfast helmet covers the vagal areas.


ThinkFast Professional

created for Doctors, Psychologists, Neurofeedback Clinicians and therapists, Wellness professionals.

Home users can buy Thinkfast Professional for a customised  more targeted brain training (compulsory to have QEEG)


every brain is different so, expect  differences.   Begin by requesting a QEEG 

United States

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Think Fast in New York.
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Featuring Professional MMA Champion Mico De Signa

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Singapore & Malaysia

Dr.Joseph Guan (Singapore) – “This is a very good device.”

Prof Dato’ Suzie See &
passionate team.

Queens Clinic

Dr Nicole & Team with Deltamedisains Serena & XinJin

Dr Ginny Ooi  (Malaysia) 
Dr. Ginny Clinic

Dr.  Harrie feeling alert  and sleepy on two separate days.

Psychotherapist - KL

Hong Kong

Former Chairman Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Joseph Ho

Dr Daniel lau (Fellow Engineering- UK) in Hong Kong.

Singapore Commonwealth day

Dr Anthony Yee – Fellow Engineering (UK).
Chairman MDIS (Malaysia)
at 2024 Commonwealth day Singapore

Cases & Clients Testimonials - Home Users

Client with  Autism + excessive medication. 

Therapy, daily Photobiomodulation + 2x a week Infraslow fluctation neurofeedback.  ‘N’ 20s had been on a cocktail of meds for 5 years with doses increased during covid.He a very violent and angry young man.   I began training him in February 2023.  About four months ago he asked by himself to stop all medication.  Till today he has not taken any medication.  Thank God.

Currently, he is learning excel and ms office.

awaiting parents testimony for insert soon.

Case 4:  35 year old Autism

Therapy:   Infra slow fluctuation neurofeedback + Photobiomodulation.

‘L’  is much calmer today as compared to more than 6 months ago.


Case 2:  Post Stroke
Self home therapy via Thinkfast PBM

Think fast helmet enables me to sleep more soundly with much reduce frequency from about 3 times to 1 time of nocturia.  “My mind is also more refresh with better alertness”.

‘WK’ (KL, Malaysia) age 67 

Case 5:  Dementia:

– 85yr old retired nurse who needed assistance to standup and walk.  20 sessions done daily.  x 40min of Photobiomodulation.

Report by observers.
  1. ‘more strength to walk’ (reported by Dr. Shalini – Private hospital,  Malaysia).
  2. ‘better sleep’ (reported by helper).
  3. ‘ability to count money & identified a medical service card’ (reported by a former trained nurse administering photobiomodulation).

We are currently planning more training sessions.  Please note PBM is best used daily for at least 3 months to observe a significant change.  DO NOT EXPECT THE SAME RATE OF IMPROVEMENT FOR Al



Centers use Thinkfast

Case 3 :  Yoga Instructor & entrepreneur.

Photobiomodulation after 5 months. ‘J’ reported better sleep, reduction in stress.  Quantitative eeg below recorded her brain’s electrical activities.  Pre (left) and Post (right)

Client Sharon Ng

Before using Thinkfast, I would wake up 1-2 times a night making me feel tired during the day time.Thinkfast helpsme sleep better at night and feel more awake when I work.

Video Testimonials -Thinkfast Home

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