Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Migraine, shoulder, neck, back aches ...
1st ever in the world to combine both ISF neurofeedback (USA) & Therapeutic Thai Massage.  While the former trains the brain by auditory feedback signals, the latter will trigger externally by touch and facilitates better blood flow as it relaxes the body by unblocking the Sensib (ten lines of the body).

Massage benefits in current times.
 “Effectiveness of aromatherapy with light thai massage for cellular immunity improvement in colorectal cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23886205
“The effect of a scalp massage on stress hormone, blood pressure, and heart rate of healthy female.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27821918

Professional Thai Massage Graduation

Massage Classes

Below are some of the courses that I can share for a reasonable fee:

  1. Basic Thai massage
    1 day $180 (non-certification)  22/02/2020
    limited to 10 students per class - book today  - click me

    Classes with Thai Certification (below)
    Thailand Ministry of Education certification upon completion
  2. Chair massage:
    Intensive (1 day)  $280
  3. Foot Reflexology
    Intensive (2 days) $450  (24th April 2020)
  4. Table massage (body)
    Intensive (2 days) $450
  5. Full body massage on floor
    (5 days) $800

All courses begins at 9am - 4pm (1 hr lunch break), course materials provided.  Students are responsible for they own medical health insurance.  Please note that this is a mixed class  at times.  (max 10 students per class).  Certification courses will include a theory and a practical test.

  • Exam fees $150
  • Original Certificates:  $50

email me: bernardzsm@gmail.com

They recognise our certifications
(left, you will see my friends worldwide)

  1. Thai Embassy and Consulate around the world Recognized as accredited vocational Thai Massage school, qualified student to apply for Education Visa and spouse for non immigrant visa.
  2. National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), USA.
  3. American Massage Therapist Association (AMTA), USA Members of AMTA may take CE courses at TMC under same guideline as NCBTMB.
  4. California Board of Registered Nursing, U.S.A.
    Provider approved by the California State Board of Registered Nursing,
    Provider # CEP 15177, for 30 Contact Hours (All short courses are eligible.)
  5. Natural Health Practitioner of Canada (NHPC) accredited for credential programs to become members of NHPC.
  6. Massage & Myotherapy Australia (MMR), Australia Approved provider of professional massage education points PME for members.
  7. The Institute of Natural Therapies (INT), USA: State of Michigan Education Department approved courses of Level I, II and III at TMC.
  8. Florida Board of Massage Therapists USA Members may take CE courses at TMC under same guideline as NCBTMB.
  9. Georgia Board of Massage Therapists USA Members may take CE courses at TMC under same guideline as NCBTMB.

Thai massage for people with special needs, stroke, paralysed, stress, cramps, constipation ...

Thai massage can increase you ROM - Range of mobility, improves quality of life for the disabled people who need us most.

***Cerebral Palsy***  ISF Neurofeedback + Thai massage combined have benefited my clients.

  1. https://cerebralpalsygroup.com/treatment/therapy/massage-therapy/  (Massage works)
  2. https://neurofeedback-asia.com/cerebral-palsy/  (ISF neurofeedback)
  3. Thai Massage helps Stroke
  4. Thai massage helps cerebral palsy.