What are the health benefits of Thai massage? 
Thai Therapeutic Massage - A unesco recognised art. Below are just a few reasons why.

  1. Basic Thai massage - (An Introductory  - non certification class)
    1 day $180 (non-certification)   

    limited to 8 students per class - book today  email

    Classes with Thai Certification (below)
    Thailand Ministry of Education certification upon completion
  2. Chair massage:  Intensive (1 day)  $280
  3. Foot Reflexology  Intensive (2 days) $360  
  4. Table massage (body)  Intensive (2 days) $450
  5. Full body massage on floor  (5 days) $1200

All courses starts at 9am - 4pm (1 hr lunch break), course materials provided.  Students are responsible for they own medical health insurance.  Please note that this is a mixed class.  (max 8 students per class).  Certification courses  includes theory and a practical tests.  email me: bernardzsm@gmail.com

They recognise our certifications
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Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Migraine, shoulder, neck, back aches.

I am glad to be the 1st to combine both Infra slow fluctuation (ISF) neurofeedback (USA) & Therapeutic Thai Massage.  While the former trains the brain by auditory feedback signals, the latter will trigger externally by touch and facilitates better blood flow as it relaxes the body by unblocking the Sensib (ten lines of the body). https://neurofeedback-asia.com/cerebral-palsy/

Wilson Tok - 65 88228128 whatsapp or
email bernardzsm@gmail.com
Psychologist, neurofeedback practitioner & therapeutic Thai Massage professional.