Speech Activation

Neurofeedback (Infraslow fluctuation) works!  While some kids will speak on their own with or without any therapy.  Many cannot speak because their neurons are not well connected.  Step one is qeeg brain scan so we do not waste time or money.  We have activated speech when others have not, only because we specialise in connecting the neurons.  If the neurons are not connected, learning cannot occur.  If they are not synchronised how can the sweet sound of speech be activated?

How long does it take?  6-9 months at least.   
Mistakes parents make.  Allowing excessive sugar in diet,  stopping therapy after the 1 first magical word appears. 

step 1 qeeg scan – video on right

Think Fast Photobiomodulation. 

The POWER OF LIGHT to energize the brain! 

Both Neurofeedback & Photobiomodulation has over 50 years of history each!

More psychologists, medical doctors are learning to offer such therapies and we are here to share knowledge.  The ignorant will say ‘no such thing’ or ‘never heard of it’  and thats how limited they are.  Mothers’ testimonials speaks more words than any doctors’ speech. 


 can be offered both in clinical settings as well as self administered  with ‘home version’ units that come along with preset functions.    Those offered in clinical settings have customisable functions to light up targeted areas.

The idea of the pulsing is generally a frequency similarly use in neurofeedback. 

Photobiomodulation is used to aid the amplitude for neurofeedback to synchronise.   However, I have used photobiomodulation to aid in calming focus as well as improve mobility.  
ISF neurofeedback alone has been shown to activate speech as shown in my testimonials above.

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