An intelligent device platform for healthcare monitoring and treatment with digital prescriptions.  Orginally developed for Cosmonauts in space, now becomes community trusted care

  • Scan yourselves, locate the blocked energy that causes chronic pains & locate the body meridian that requires balance.  Early warning signs are the key to long life! 
  • You are what you eat and do.  The knowledge of eastern chinese meridians + western science of electromagnetic energy, combined in database for your need to know.
  • The science behind Raymedy therapy used by 1000 clinicians and insurance claimable in Germany, and 300 hospitals in China.  Now available for home use.
Dr. V. Polyakov used the 1st generation Raymedy during his 438-day spaceflight on MIR.  Dr. Polyakov is currently the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Public Health in Moscow.
All processes in the body are controlled with energy. Very small energy flows drive the processes in the cells, almost the reverse from what happens in the leaves of plants where light is captured and electrons charge molecules. In our cells the oxidation sets electric energy free to drive all cellular processes. We are all familiar with it: Our eyes send pictures to the visual cortex using electronic impulses. When we do not see enough sunlight we become depressed, the immune system is less active.  The science behind these quantum processes is the science behind Raymedy.

How does it work?
Principle of Bio-Resonance

  • Diagnostics (EDA): Measure Electro-dermal Activities

  • Treatments: Composite Electromagnetic Energy, Light Energy

  • Impacted Areas: Cellular Level at Cell-Wide-Web & Body Meridian Systems

ReadMe Pen: Quick insight into your health 
The ReadMe pen measures how much energy flows through the energy channels of your body. The Raymedy app records and collects points scanned.  Information is uploaded and processed and stored in big data.  Now, it is ready to treat areas where your energy is not flowing at it's optimal level, using PowerMe.  Trully a tailored treatment plan just for your body.  The Raymedy app also suggests lifestyle changes to further enhance your overall well being.  
PowerMe strengthens your self-healing capacity. 
The PowerMe is used to administer various raymedies yourself.  Raymedy affects certain cells, organs or places in the body. By stimulating biophysical processes in and between cells with light, pulsating electromagnetic fields and micro-current, the PowerMe restores the natural balance "yin yang" of the body.
Database of meridian points knowledge combined with Russian science in the palm of your hands.  
  • Your purchase includes:
    1) ReadMe pen + wristband
    2) PowerMe treatment unit.
    3) The smartphone App ‘Read&PowerMe’ can be downloaded from the App Store.
  • The Raymedy mobile app will request medical history regarding your your physical and mental state.
  • The ReadMe Pen measures a number of energy points on your fingers and toes, the energy balance of your body.
    This measurement is done 3x to ensure & increase accuracy of data collected about your body.
  • Impedance measurement is done at acupuncture points.  The outcome of the measurement pin points which of your meridians does not flow well or blocked. We measure at the start and end points of these meridians because this enables us to see where the complaint is. The 24 measurements are painless and precise.
  • The ReadMe pen transmits the results wirelessly to the ReadMe app.The App analyzes the measurement data and shows the energy balance of the various meridians. When everything has been mapped, the ReadMe app generates a treatment plan with the PowerMe and sets it wirelessly. This treatment focuses on restoring the energy balance in your meridians.  When done regularly, you will either resolve or reduce your symptoms because your energy paths are flowing smooth and unblocked.
  • The ReadMe app gives you precise instructions on where and how long you should keep the PowerMe on that targeted meridian.  It keeps a record of treated areas.  Hence, you are able to treat your energy points yourself and regulate them with the right energy.
  • After the first treatment you usually notice a subtle reaction right away because your body is working on recovery of the energy balance, just like a massage.
  • Regularly treat yourselves until your symptoms have sufficiently or fully subsided. With each measurement you can see how far the recovery has occurred and how your body is responding to your lifestyle.
  • In the event of very serious complaints we advise you to consult a raymedy therapist too.  The treatment has restored your balance in your body and you have gained more insight into your own energy attitude, but now it is up to you to stay in balance. The app will give you advice about different aspects of your lifestyle such as food, movement and management of your emotions or stress.    For a direct brain therapy,  you may look at our other service.  Infra Slow Fluctuation Neurofeedback.
Read me pen
Scan & Detect
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Meridian Vitality alerts you, what should be attended to.  The 12 meridians indicate how much energy/vitality/power/lom/flow in your body meridians.  The bar graph shows the meridian results of four people.  Each meridian has a left and a right (yin yang).
Raymedy can be used to alert you with early warning signals and alert you the status of health.   
Left to right:  pictures 1 - 4

Meridian Balance tells you how well syncronised the body is. 

Picture #1:  Healthy woman - Blood test ordered by a Doctor showed deficiency in vitamin D.  The graph shows that the (SP) spleen meridian is weak.

  1.  Dietary Vitamin D Increases Percentages and Function of Regulatory T Cells in the Skin-Draining Lymph Nodes and Suppresses Dermal Inflammation
  2. Vitamin D receptor deletion leads to increased hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells residing in the spleen

Picture #2: Head injury and paralyzed on medication for few years.  Raymedy scan recorded the meridians that requires attention.

Picture #3: Post chemo, 60 year old male - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infected his L1, L2 and currently on Cubicin IV for 28 days.   Liver, Small intestine, Pericardium, Triple warmer meridians are highlighted. 

Picture #4 :  Post heart bypass.  -  Attention needed for Large intestine,m Stomach & triple warmer meridian. 

Left to right: Pictures 1,2,3,4


Managing Partner Raymedy
Dr. Daniel Lau has over 30 years of business development and research experience in the areas of high-speed optoelectronics devices and systems. He has been actively taking part in the development and integration of optoelectronics industry in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia Pacific region since 1991.

Daniel Lau is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of Institution of Electrical Engineers and a Member of Institute of Physics in U.K. Senior Member of IEEE. In 2002, he became the Founding President of Hong Kong Optoelectronics Association (HKOEA). (Based on document published on 4 October 2004).

Wilson Tok  (Chief Representative SE Asia)

Psychologist, Neurofeedback Therapist & Certified Thai Massage Professional by Thai Government.