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Established in 2019, Raymedy Bio-Energy InnoTech Limited consists of engineers with many years of experiences in creating both integrated software and hardware solutions. All of the engineers possess the skill sets and background in the development and manufacturing of mission critical systems, which have been awarded with various ISO and CMMC certifications.
 In 2004, the Raymedy System was awarded Class IIA Medical Device in the EU. The system has a broad range of business models and cloud-based deployment. Headquartered in Hong Kong with joint research laboratories at City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

Raymedy has representative offices in Beijing, Singapore and the UK. 

How does it work?

The therapy is based on the knowledge from chinese meridian energy pathways of the mind and body used by acupuncturist and the influence they have on your health.   Powerme tool helps to restore health through these energy pathways. Raymedy uses modern measuring ‘readme’ and treatment ‘powerme’ equipment and unique TCM developed mobile software and hardware to detect and treat the energy imbalances. Raymedy treats these imbalances with light, pulsating electromagnetic fields and micro-current.

 The therapy brings your body back into a balance that approximates the original, healthy state of your body as much as possible. The goal is to let your organs and body functions work together in harmony again. Many ailments and disorders can be improved within few treatments.  Eg.  jet lag.  

Complete Diagnostic ‘Readme’ and treatment ‘Powerme’ tool.   Unlike many bioresonance devices, we complete with a treatment ‘Powerme’ tool via a mobile app.  This is possbile because it is back by Traditional Chinese Medicine database.

Earn points from daily use to purchase specialty preset treatments.

  1. README scanning can be done daily. (each dailiy self treatment earns you 2 points.
  2. Each Read me allows  1 free treatment.
  3. Points earned can be used to purchased preset treatment protocols.  


Longevity is by choice

Growing older assures mitochondria/atp depletion and pathways becomes blocked via the hazzards of environmental behaviors and lifestyles.  Growing beyond 100 should be the norm and this is evident in some countries/cities (environment) and lifestyles/habits. 

Used by the largest military hospital 301, China.
Healing over politics is peace.
Raymedy was invented by scientists from Soviet Union for cosmonauts to measure and treat health. Russian, Dr. Valeri Polyakov, travelled to the space several times. In 1994, he made record living in Mir space station for 437 days. During these days, Dr. Polyakov’s health was measured by Raymedy.

​After the collapse of Soviet Union, the technology was raised up again by the Dutchman, Mauk den Boer. He introduced the technology in Netherlands in hospital sized machines.  Today a mobile version is made available by my friends.  

Engineers Jenny
(Space engineering & TCM) &
Dr. Daniel Lau (fellow engineering - UK)
Family, friends & clients shareable.

Devices can be shared with morethan 1 user. Each phone is allowed registration of one main account/phone number.  However,  you can include family, friends or clients within this account.  You can record measurement and records by by switching accounts.


Mobile handy longevity buddy.

Raymedy in hand carry friendly.


Tracking your daily wellness easily by using ‘Readme’ diagnostic tool.  

What is meridian? 

In Chinese Medicine, meridian is a network inside the body for the flow of qi (vital force), blood and body fluid.  The network is constituted by 12 standard meridians, 8 extraordinary meridians, 12 divergent meridians, 12 sinew channels, 12 skin areas and 15 collaterals etc. 


What is cell-wide-web?

It is discovered by the scientists from Edinburgh University. Cell-wide web is a communication of the network which is constructed from guide wires that transmit signals across nano-scale distances.


Case 1  Female   49 years old

She suffered general weakness, severe abdominal pain and depression for 2 years. During this time, her vision was not clear, blood pressure was low. She always felt heartburn and pain at her low back. 

According to the diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the symptoms were caused by kidney qi deficiency and liver qi stagnation. 
After the treatment of Raymedy, the patient’s general pain and low back pain were treated. Her blood sugar decreased from 250 to 100 mg/dl.

Case 2 Female   25 years old

The patient suffered headache and severe vertigo for 5 years. Vertigo, neck pain and insomnia made many troubles to her. Dr Saatchi diagnosed stomach heat and kidney qi deficiency.

She was treated by Raymedy. The headaches and severe vertigo were improved, she can sleep well at night. Also, she lost 7 kg weight.

Case 3  Female   38 years old

She suffered migraine and sinusitis.  Sinusitis made the patient feel pain on the face. However, after treating by Raymedy, migraine totally disappeared and she reported sinusitis is improved over 90% and pain and  inflammation on her face dissappeared.

Case 4  Male   37 years old

Because of the work, he always felt stressed and tired, so he could not wake up in the morning and relax himself. Meanwhile, his spine was sensitive. His shoulder blades and waist were sore. Muscles on his shoulder and the neck were tight and sore.

After Raymedy’s treatment. A beamer was used in the treatment which put focus on an acupoint which is called “Celestial Window” and scars on the foot.

 After the treatment, he feels more relaxed. His shoulders felt much better and he also claims that his vision is clearer. His muscle is relaxed and pain on his spine was gone. Fatigue is gone because pression is disappeared.

Case 5  Female   69 years old

This woman suffered in sacral pain on her hips and spinal discus herniation. Physiotherapist treated her with ointment and analgesic injection, but she still felt pain. She also suffered in depression. Because of the surgery of bile and symphysis, there is a scar on her abdomen.

She feels good and hopeful after receiving the treatment of Raymedy. The scar is totally disappeared now.

Case 6  Male   27 years old

A 27 year old man has nocturia which means frequent urination at night. He decided to take the Raymedy treatment. After three sessions of treatment and taking the recommended herbs, nocturia was relieved. He claimed that he slept for 5 hours without going toilet. 

He also surprised the whole treatment is painless, non-invasive and no side effects.

Case 7  Female   84 years old

Mrs. Lau is 84 years old and keep a healthy body. At the last few months, however, the pain on waist and spine troubled her because it affected her life quality. By this reason, her mood is very low. At the meanwhile, she felt pain on her legs and suffered in oedema.

 Although she consulted different doctors, the pain cannot be relieved. After receiving the treatments of Raymedy, pain on waist, spine and leg are relieved, also, oedema is improved. Her mood becomes positive since she can walk around without any burden.

Case 8 Female   54 years old

Ms. Wong suffered in eczema, so she always felt itchy. The situation becomes worse when the season is changes.  Doctor just give ointment which did not solve the problem.

 Her situation became better and eczema was gone after using Powerme which provides light treatment by pointing at skin. 

Case 9 

The horse with continuous diarrhea was listless and always distanced from other animals. This appeared to be a metabolic problem. You may then –according to the Raymedy protocol – test for alarm points: if pressing one alarm point causes a pain reaction, it indicates where to locate the problem. In this case, the alarm point for the small intestines of the abdomen gave a reaction.

With a transmitter you treat the horse with a counter signal, and relaxation occurs. The horse has had no diarrhea any more for 4 months.

Reference: https://gaiacampus.com/bio-resonance-for-people-and-for-animals/

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