Brain Scan - QEEG

A QEEG brain map enables us to see your brain wave activities (delta, theta, alpha, beta gamma).  Everyone has a unique pattern of mental strengths and weaknesses.  Stress, memory, PTSD, depressions, visual processing, anxiety, insomnia, autism, dementia, parkinsons, adhd can be revealed by the QEEG.  At times an MRI may show a healthy brain, yet, you know or have been told you have a problem and do not feel well.  A QEEG, will tell you which part of your brain is like a broken radio and not at its precise frequency.  It shows parts of the brain that are not well syncronized.  This will explain your strengths and weaknesses in your clarity, focus, motivation, eye hand coordination and balance, stammering or uncoordinated speech and much more.

Look below,  after a brain scan, we can tell which part of the brain is over active, under active, not syncronised, too much communication, over or under powered.  You have to know where to problem is to be effective in your treatments.


click the link below to see a clip of what a scan may show.

Sportsman, commercial, criminal minds.

It is also used for sportsmen, corporates for profiling, neuro marketing and yes, forensic brain wave analysis (lie detection used by CIA, FBI).  Lets say you find a terrorist and interrogate him, the brain cannot be as easily masked like a polygraph test.

QEEGs are also used to design your neurofeedback training programme, and to trackyour progress over your sessions. It involves nothing more than wearing a sensor cap so we can "ping" listen to what your brain is saying about you or your body by way of frequencies.  This is why many psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors begin to use QEEG as a tool in theor practice.    How can you solve a problem if you do not know where, and if you know where, can you quantify it like we do?  More importantly, we know how much and which direction to train the brain back to its peak.

$800.  This process of scanning takes less than an hour.