QEEG Brain Scan

Would you like to know you brain’s electrical health? Like a sports car, a diagnostic is probably a good idea.  The brain’s ‘electrical’ frequencies are not as synchronised when damaged or simply by aging.  

A quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG), also known as a brain map enables us to analyse your brain cortical (wave) activity. Everyone has a unique pattern of mental strengths and weaknesses. Stress, memory, PTSD, depression, visual processing, anxiety, insomnia, autism, dementia, parkinsons, adhd can be revealed by the QEEG. A MRI may show a healthy brain, yet, you know you do not feel at your mental peak. Qeeg shows parts of the brain that are or are not well synchronized electrically. This will explain your strengths and weaknesses in your clarity, focus, motivation, eye hand coordination and balance, stammering or uncoordinated speech and much more.

QEEG detects depression      EEG detects pain (ERPs)  EEG detects Dementia

Look below. After qeeg is recorded, the brain reports which areas are over active (hyper), under active (hypo), not syncronised or connecting ing well. This is especially important to create protocols to begin brain training.

QEEGs are used to design your first 20 neurofeedback training sessions. Cost $800.  QEEG takes less than an hour.   Full report within 48hrs.

Kids with autism or those who do not like their head to be touched will take as long as 2hours.  Sometimes, it is impossible to do a qeeg during the first visit, hence, we will advise parents how too prepare them for the scan and wait for the child to get comfy.

What Happens During a qEEG Test?

A qEEG test measures the most complex organ in the body, however, it is relatively a simple process.

  1. Psychologist or a qEEG technician will clean your forehead and earlobes so that they are free of any oils.
  2. Your head will then be covered with a cap that has many small holes with sensors.  
  3. A set of wires is connected to the EEG amplifier equipment and the electro gel is poured into the holes that hold the sensors
  4. At this stage,  you can both observe your brain waves on a computer monitor.
  5. Now, we begin to collect the data in 20-25 minutes.  We review the results with you within 48 hours.

What to do before and during QEEG

  • The sensors are difficult to remove from your scalp, so go to the bathroom before your mapping session.
  • Remove all devices from your body to prevent any interferences with the sensors.
  • Remain relaxed and listen to the instructions before and during the scan. 
  • Do not move around too mich as this will affect the scan results.  
  • After your session, expect your hair to be a bit messy and with the electro gel which can be easily washed.

NOTE:  If your child cannot sit still or put on the cap,  call us and we will advise you how to prepare your child for the qeeg

Why guess when you can see, quantify & be proactive about the status of your mental health.

Know exactly what your brain is reporting.  


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