Think Fast Professional Helmet (PBM)

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Thinkfast helmet aims to help anyone with issues to improve

Preset A:  sleep
Preset B: Peak performance (Academic / Sports)
Preset C: Executive thinking (creativity… and more)
Preset D: Aut- (speech issues)
Preset E: Aut (Calming, meltdowns, focus),
Preset F: General Calming
Preset G: Meditation (may help in calming and sleep too)
Preset H: Alert Boost (photobiomodulation is known to improve cerebral blood flow)
Preset I: Maintenance for overall well being for adults in general mobility.
Preset J: Default mode areas are targeted to help focus
Preset k: Default mode areas are targeted to help memory
Preset L: Tripple Network drive through Default, Salience & executive networks.

THINKFAST does not claim to heal or cure illnesses.  Thinkfast is a wellness device with CE approvals for safety.

  • hopes to help/improve folks with Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Dementia, Anxiety, Depression, Academic & Sports Peak, Memory, Focus, improve sleep.

12 preset modes for home users.
Users simply select the mode and press start.

  • Wavelength: 810 nm near infrared light
  • Number of LED light : 380
  • Treatment area and coverage: whole head, including cerebellum and vagus nerve
  • Treatment duration recommendations: 20-30 mins per session.

Professional Modes: 

  • Ability to select channels (Total 11)
  • Ability to combine channels
  • Ability to select pulsing/hz for each channel.
  • Ability to select power of each individual channel.

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  • Name of Company: Neurofeedback Pte Ltd.
  • Name of Bank: United Overseas Bank
  • Bank’s address:  Raffles Place, 80 UOB Plaza Singapore 048624
  • Account number: 3413192062   Swift Code: UOVBSGSG
    Questions?  email: whatsapp +65 88228128 (fastest response)