Think Fast Helmet (PBM)


Thinkfast helmet aims to help anyone with issues to improve

Preset A:  sleep
Preset B: Peak performance (Academic / Sports)
Preset C: Executive thinking (creativity… and more)
Preset D: Aut- (speech issues)
Preset E: Aut (Calming, meltdowns, focus),
Preset F: General Calming
Preset G: Meditation (may help in calming and sleep too)
Preset H: Alert Boost (photobiomodulation is known to improve cerebral blood flow)
Preset I: Maintenance for overall well being for adults in general mobility.
Preset J: Default mode areas are targeted to help focus
Preset k: Default mode areas are targeted to help memory
Preset L: Tripple Network drive through Default, Salience & executive networks.

THINKFAST does not claim to heal or cure illnesses.  Thinkfast is a wellness device with CE approvals for safety.

  • hopes to help/improve folks with Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Dementia, Anxiety, Depression, Academic & Sports Peak, Memory, Focus, improve sleep.


12 preset modes for home users.
Users simply select the modes and press start.

  • Wavelength: 810 nm near infrared light
  • Number of LED light : 380
  • Treatment area and coverage: whole head, including cerebellum and vagus nerve
  • Treatment duration recommendations: 20-30 mins per session.

Only Purchases from Neurofeedback Pte Ltd (Singapore) via this site
(Includes application advice as recommended us and Thinkfast and affiliates)

For customised settings please see ‘Think Fast  Professional’ Photobiomodulation.

  • Name of Company: Neurofeedback Pte Ltd.
  • Name of Bank: United Overseas Bank
  • Bank’s address:  Raffles Place, 80 UOB Plaza Singapore 048624
  • Account number: 3413192062
  • Swift Code: UOVBSGSG
    Questions?  email: whatsapp +65 88228128 (fastest response)