ISF Neuromassage

ISF Neuromassage is the combination of Infra Slow fluctuation Neurofeedback & Thai Massage.  (30sec slides on left)

Infra Slow Fluctuation (ISF) Neurofeedback is unique and different from other forms of brain training because we train at very low frequencies.  Electrodes are places onto your scalp to read your brain frequencies and send sound feedback which you will hear and literally feel.   This sound is specific to you alone and trains your brainwaves to optimal levels, which in turn tells your body to feel & follow.

Thai Therapeutic Massage Head, Neck & Shoulder

Massaging the head, neck and shoulders areas (total time 30 minutes).  Massage aims to unblock some (sensib) pathways to increase the chi/wind/energy so that you experience a reduction of muscle tension, discomfort and increase your range of mobility (ROM) around the neck and shoulders areas.  Please note that we are neither Chiropractors nor Orthopaedics, hence, acute problems will be referred to medical specialists..  You will meet a qualified & certified thai massage for wellness.  In my case, a psychologist & a neurofeedback therapist too.   We shall leave the counselling for another day.

Excellent for parents of special needs kids, executives, students, sportmen -burnout, migraine, mood and anxiety disorders, muscle tension, chronic pain, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, and trauma.

Home & Office visits.
30 minutes of  Thai massage (head, neck, shoulder) followed by
30 minutes  ISF neurofeedback

$180 + $40 (transport charge):  $220

5 sessions package: $1000

(try 1st session first, if you like it, a weekly session will buffer your brain).

***payment by transfer upon booking.   ***No refund, but you may change to an available appointment.
*** Punctuality is appreciated due to schedules and hopefully,
*** Kindly be ready 5-10 min before session begins. (no heavy meals, empty stomachs or bursting bladders)
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