ISF NEUROMASSAGE (East meets West) 

"Boosting your autonomic nervous system & moves your lymphatic system"

Infra Slow fluctuation Neurofeedback + Therapeutic Thai Massage = ISF Neuromassage

I am a psychologist/neurofeedback therapist & a therapeutic thai massage professional.  I will share within my capacity and report improvements of clients (who finally found us) as I go along.  Highly recommended is to add (+) a quantified electroencephalogram (QEEG).  You will realise your are not close to perfect after all.    This brain report (like a sports car getting a diagnostic) tells what the brain knows and, I compare that with your report about your physiological being.  QEEG guides & tells which network needs training to optimise focus, memory, IQ; reduce chronic pain, migraine, stress, curb food craving, migraine, reduce nerve wrecking feeling (post chemo or radiation therapy), stroke, cerebral palsy.  Why not buffer before chemo or radiation therapy.

Infra Slow Fluctuation (ISF) Neurofeedback (WEST) is unique and different from other forms of brain training because we train at ultra low frequencies.  Electrodes are placed onto your scalp to read your brain wave frequencies or you can call it electrical activities and sends feedback by sound.   Early research suggests ISF works by regulating autonomic nervous system function, the flight, fight or freeze response.  Fact is, ISF developed by Mark Smith (USA), regulates the activation of brain areas linked in chronic autonomic stress by helping the brain communicate between the autonomic and emotional networks.  During therapy, the feedback sound is specific to your brain wave activity alone and regulates your brainwaves to optimal levels, which in turn tells your body to feel & follow.  A top down process.

Therapeutic Thai Massage (EAST) is an ancient art of  healing by pressing along the sensib.  Some call it the lazy man's yoga or passive exercise.  We massage the stiff tissues and stretch to increase your range of movements. Head, Neck & Shoulder (in this case)  -  Massaging the head, neck and shoulders areas aims to unblock some (sensib) pathways to increase the chi/wind/energy so that you experience a reduction of muscle tension, discomfort and increase your range of mobility (ROM) around the neck and shoulders areas.     Once again, we work on lymphatic system and affects the autonomic nervous system and this is the bottom up process.

Thai massage and Autonomic nervous system.

  5. Stages of burnout.  Where are you now?

Please note that we are neither Chiropractors nor Orthopaedics, hence, acute problems will be referred to medical specialists.  Safety is #1 in thai massage, a qualified & certified thai massage is compulsory by law in some countries.  A spa cert is not a Thai massage cert.  Thai massage is excellent for parents of special needs kids, executives, students, athletes -burnout, migraine, mood and anxiety disorders, muscle tension, chronic pain, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, and trauma.

Home & Office visits.
30 minutes of  Thai massage (head, neck, shoulder) followed by
30 minutes  ISF neurofeedback = 

$180 + $40 (transport charge):  $220

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