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Down Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes learning disability and delayed development. Children borned with Down Syndrome can still acquire many of the cognitive and social skills and it varies for individuals.  Time is all it takes and the sooner the treatment the better.  Levels of the learning difficulties vary from mild to severe, and possibly have ADHD and ASD symptoms.  Often people with Down Syndrome experience brain deregulation of brain wave electrical activity.  This is the hall mark or neurofeedback, to train the brain to syncronise.  An radio is tuned by the twist of the dial.  The brain needs a quantitative electroencephlogram (QEEG).  This tells where to syncronise and guides the therapist’s planning the therapy.

Neurofeedback cannot cure down syndrome, well, not yet as far as I know now.  Surely, we can improve the life of your love one.  If you expect a miracle or speed healing/improvements, this is the wrong treatment for your expectation.  We may be your last choice, but surely your last therapy of choice.   Read also about Raymedy, a home TCM database treatment to increase energy and body balance.  Lets say you have been heavily medicated.  Would you like to know how the body feels? Would you now like to balance your qi/lom/ energy?

Symptoms observed: ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, sleep problems, memory problems, behavioural problems, slow language & speech development

A 2007 study demonstrated how a number of children with Down Syndrome showed significant improvements in all areas measured following up to 60 sessions of neurofeedback, i.e. Verbal CommunicationNonverbal communication, Short and Long Term Memory, Behaviour and Physical Balance:

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