From stress to depression?

Stress keeps us on our toes and can motivate us.  Some of us experience stress/chronic stress which we replay at home, work, school, competitive sports.  We analyse & reinforced in our memory daily this painful affair during our conscious state until depression becomes a habit that we unconsciously survive on.  Fill a balloon with water and it will expand into it's beautiful form because of the plasticity it has.  Regulate it with optimal amount of hot air, and it will float.  Overload it with air or water, it bursts as will we, when we are overloaded.  All of us including special needs kids with chronic stress may experience, anxiety, insomnia, anger, lack of focus, headaches and for the married/attached a reduced sexual drive.  You say that you feel with your heart but you can control it with your mind.  When you cannot?  ISF Neurofeedback 65 88228128 whats app

Yoga is very good for calming. Lets hear what they say about ISF Neurofeedback.

FYI: ADHD, not calm and decide the drug route.

Finally, Thai Therapeutic massage workshops will be available april 2020.  Interested, drop a mail to