Cerebral Palsy

CEREBRAL  PALSY  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cerebral-palsy/symptoms-causes/syc-20353999 

When the brain does not know that the legs can walk? This is what his mom said.  (Malaysia)

Zuhayr thought he could not walk till he was 5 years old and thats when we met.  My weekend trips to Penang giving about 25 sessions of 4 channel-neurofeedback, he was trying again.  Encouraging him was a delight, and if you expect to see a text book psychologist, buy a book.  (please note – no 2 brains are the same and 25 sessions is not the norm).

SPEECH Activation? (Singapore)
So a child has cerebral palsy, while many resign to the fact that they will not get much better or get worse. Here is a story for you. A 10 year old girl with CP. Forget what she has done in the past. Last 4 months I was engaged to help her. A qeeg was done, followed by 4 channel and ISF neurofeedback. Here is what her mother and teachers said in whatsapp. Neuroplasticity is fantastic. we rewire like no others can.

CP can have a better life

Is Acupuncture effective?



  1. Because Acupunture works, but you do not know how to? Raymedy is preferred.
  2. Because cost of acupuncture sessions are expensive, Raymedy is preferred.
  3. Because the number of sessions required are too many to continue, Raymedy is preferred.
  4. Because acupuncture is psychologically painful for some and unnerving for many, Raymedy is preferred.
  5. Because transport cost expensive and time for travel is not affordable? Raymedy is preferred.
  6. Because  1x a week for therapy less effective than 5 x a week, Raymedy is preferred.
  7. Because you can treat your child with cerebral palsy,  Raymedy is preferred.
  8. Because you can use Raymedy for for many other symptoms listed below, it is really affordable and super economical.



If you believe that a person with cerebral palsy cannot have a better life, please skip the page.  You may be a doctor, a therapist or a parent, open your mind.  If you want a miracle, go to church.  If you let me share a perfect combination, here it is. 

  1. ISF Neurofeedback syncronises the brain waves that communicates with your body. Hence, as the brain improve the body “feels”.
  2. Therapeutic Thai massage knows how to quickly unblock/unlock your body (we offer classes for this).  This science of touch as many have experienced, calms the brain as the body is massaged.  Many walk out smiling from your spa.  Was it the sleep of the therapy?  Therapeutic Thai Massage is much, much more than that.  Always ask for certification by thai  government so you are safe and wont be injured.  Therapeutic thai massage increases energy flow & unblocks your sensib and cleanses your lymphatic system.
  3. Raymedy , this does to the body what neurofeedback does to the brain.  Combination of electromagnetic energy applied onto 2500 years old Chinese knowledge of 12 meridians & hundreds of it’s points.  This is offered in Germany and Holland by the medical profession and therapists.  They are lucky, it is insurance claimable.   You are luckier,  we created a home version where you can self treat 24/7 and has 72 programs.

The trinity of the above tunes you like a sports car.  We begin by scanning both your brain (QEEG) & your body (Raymedy – readme) and know your electrical energy (qi/lom) & the healing begins. 

1) Infra Slow Fluctuation Neurofeedback

  • Effectiveness of Infra slow fluctuation Neurofeedback Training

    Neurofeedback (part of biofeedback) is a very effective method of treatment that focuses on the brain.  Neurofeedback monitors, measure & records the brain’s electrical patterns (brainwaves – delta, theta, alpha beta, gamma) and displays results in digital form.   This process records and measures brain waves to create a signal called feedback. This feedback (sound, visuals or and or vibrations) helps the brain to learn self-regulation.

    Infra slow fluctuation (ISF) neurofeedback training created by Mark L. Smith is a type of neurofeedback that trains below 0.0001hz.  The earliest research on these ultra-slow waves suggests ISF works by regulating autonomic nervous system function, the flight, fight or freeze response.

    More importantly, ISF regulates the activation of brain areas linked in chronic autonomic stress by helping the brain communicate between the autonomic and emotional networks.  This in turn helps separate regions responsible for emotion from the autonomic distress signal.

    Simply put, ISF training impacts the brains flexibility to move from fight, flight or freeze to rest and repair. Mark Smith – New York

    ISF coordinates processes in the brain with processes in the body.  The heart, the blood, the digestive system, and the Autonomic Nervous System are all coordinated at these very slow frequencies.

    This synchronizing effect works to produce a brain and body that has the flexibility to respond appropriately to the environment.  The goal of ISF training is to reach a condition of homeostasis in mind and body that simultaneously promotes a calm and alert state.  This more flexible state helps to treat a variety of mental health illnesses and bothersome conditions.

    Moreover, ISF training allows an individual to sleep better, attend more fully, feel more in charge of his or her emotional life, and changes a host of troublesome behaviors.

    With ISF training we optimize the wave sets so there are smooth transitions between each wave (beta, alpha, theta, delta) allowing you to take charge of that wave easily and consistently without being thrown off the board or crashing into each other.  In other words, ISF makes you feel.  This means in the real world of brain function, the smooth activation and deactivation of behavioral networks.

    2) Therapeutic Thai Massage

    3) Raymedy
    Electromagnetic energy applied on 25000 yrs of chinese practice of meridian

    Raymedy is a unique form of therapy based on the biophysics, electro-acupuncture and the scientific program of Russian space travel to remotely monitor and improve the health of cosmonauts. Raymedy has further developed this into practical treatment equipment that has treated more than half a million people worldwide in the past 20 years.

    The therapy is based on the knowledge about the energy pathways in the body that acupuncture also uses, the influence they have on your health and how you can restore health through these energy pathways. Raymedy uses modern measuring and treatment equipment and unique self-developed software to detect and treat the energetic imbalances. Raymedy treats these imbalances with light, pulsating electromagnetic fields and micro-current.

    Read more about Raymedy: https://neurofeedback-asia.com/raymedy/

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