When the brain does not know that the legs can walk? This is what his mom said.

Zuhayr thought he could not walk till he was 5 years old and thats when we met.  About 25 sessions of 4channel-neurofeedback +  ISF-neurofeedback, he was trying again.  (please note - no 2 brains are the same and 25 sessions is not the norm).

So a child has cerebral palsy, while many resign to the fact that they will not get much better or get worse. Here is a story for you. A 10 year old girl with CP. Forget what she has done in the past. Last 4 months I was engaged to help her. A qeeg was done, followed by 4 channel and ISF neurofeedback. Here is what her mother and teachers said in whatsapp. Neuroplasticity is fantastic. we rewire like no others can.

CP can have a better life.




Some read for those who prefer science over parents and teachers observations.



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