CEO Brain Training

  • Is your short term memory, focus, ability to multitask decreasing?
  • Is your brain tired and fogged that it will not receive information like before?
  • Is your brain so hyperactive you cannot sleep, have insomnia and or migraine?
Step 1:  QEEG brain scan  

Step 2B:  Photobiomodulation
(This is a device to purchase for home use)

Maintain your optimal peak performance and reduce your stress levels.  Daily meetings have caused your brain to be over worked?
Add Zoom meetings where the screen sends light to your eyes and have over activated your brain waves.  Has it become permanent?
Time to retrain those waves and synchronise them to achieve peak performance.

 Study by Microsoft:  

Photobiomodulation to recharge your mitochondria.

Past clients’  industry ncludes:  Semiconductors, Traders, Stat board, Medical Doctors, Paychologist, Optical, Cabin crew, Search engines, CEOs, CFOs, CTO, School Principal…

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Below (Z Score of brain’s electrical developments in the past ,current and future)

Sample reports of CEOs, business owners.  Focus

Hyper and Hypo activities between sites.

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