Let us first understand alittle about the brain.  Does this video tell you students will benefit too?

This video above was created by Dr. Don Elger, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho.


Are we able quantify how forgetful we have become? 

A QEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram), aka a brain scan will show how your syncronised your brain waves are.  This electro-cap with 19 electrodes based on the international 10 20 system,  reads and compares your brain waves to a database of optimal brainwaves specific to your age.  click the pictures below for better view.   Dr. Daniel Lau and Dr. Anthony Yee, both fellows of engineering reaping the benefits from neurofeedback.  Dr. Kinza - neuroscientist getting a free lesson at starbucks.  Mr. T, a favourite college teacher in Singapore.

  • Sample of QEEG - brain scan (see above)

After the scan, what happens?
Based on your QEEG results, we are able to tell which area of the brain requires training. (a tuneup, just like a sports car).  If you think, we can help, +65 88228128 whatsapp me

American Bank helps:  https://www.bankrate.com/loans/how-to-manage-finances-after-alzheimers-diagnosis/  Americans


Some research papers so you know that neurofeedback works!

You prefer Visual processing information? By doing so neuroplasticity is at work rewiring and growing your neuro networks.