Think Fast applies and combines the knowledge of Psychology, Neurofeedback  & Photobiomodulation. 

  1. Can memory be improved?
  2. Can a person with parkinsons have a better quality of life?
  3. Can focus improve?
  4. Can brain fog clear up?

Types of Dementia

Please see  bottom of page to know the difference between a good PBM  Helmet and one thats not!

 Clinicians: The ability to combine channels,  select frequencies and power levels are all a must feature unique only in Thinkfast.   
Users of Thinkfast,  can in the near future purchase add ons like intranasals to shine the light to the frontal lobes, a body suit to connect the brain to the body, finally a pair of goggles to help improve vision.  Simply put,  mitochondria exist everywhere.   The Chinese call it Qi,  Indians call it Chakras, Thais call it lom.  

Home users:  12 presets are available to help most of your needs.   

  1. Preset K: Recall Good times is targeted at the brain’s default mode network at 40 hz.
  2. Preset A:  Improve sleep.
  3. Preset B: Peak performance / Focus Calming / alpha theta.
  4. Preset F:  Calming
  5. Preset I:  Mind Body (Coronal  &Saggital) + Cerebellum are introduced to photobiomodulation.

Neuroplaticity in action.
These firing requires ‘power’.  This energy exists in your mitochondria

Mitochondria – Atps are like battery cells in your mobile phones.  When the power/amplitude depletes in the scalp site (frontal lobe) responsible  for working / short-term memory, You may forget what you just read.

Olfactory loss is related to memory

Recharging your mitorchondria improves mobility and memory.

Thinkfast goes to work immediately. Using a korean KFDA medical grade device, pre post 25mins of Thinkfast

Importance in selection of PBM devices.

  • Helmet must cover whole scalp + cerebellum + Vagus nerves.
  • Flexibility for clinicians to choose power, scalp sites, frequencies (pulsing).
  • Take into consideration remote photobiomodulation.
  • Number of 810nm or 1070n leds.

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