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Neurofeedback Explained.

 Neurofeedback is a non-invasive effective method of monitoring your brain “Live”.  The brain receives instant feedback and it learns to achieve it’s optimal level.  Since it is a type of biofeedback, hence, also called EEG Biofeedback. It uses the electrodes (which acts like tiny ear cups) placed on the client’s scalp to (listen) record and its is amplified via brainmaster hardwares  to display EEG/brainwave activities.  The clinician applies auditory, visual, and/or tactile feedback which allows learning to take place. This operant conditioning or learning initiates self-regulation and enhances relaxation, both are necessary components for optimal brain function.  In a nutshell, we listened & compared a database of optimal brainwaves (age specific) to a persons damaged or less optimal brainwave and the difference is what we will train towards fluency.

What is Neuroplasticity?

Lets just say, anything you learn forms a new pathway or highway that links one neuron to another.  The more you practice a task, the faster it builds, the stronger it gets (hey that’s memory & retention).  Likewise, over time when you stop practicing, the pathways or highways cease.  (hey that’s maintenance and wear and tear), sounds like dementia.  Imagine your brain as the best laptop and it “fell” to the ground, the connections may be broken or disconnected.  This sounds like traumatic brain injury.  watch the video below thanks.

Realistically, some are less hardworking, all of us will grow older and the unfortunate may have inherited, fall prey to chemical poisons that disrupts or curbs the optimal functioning of the brain.     Neurofeedback is here to connect, reconnect, and strengthen all possible neurons.
If we connected 0102 to C3C4 which are the eyes to motorskills.   Then, we made sure enough information, correct speed was sent from one point to another.   What we have just done was to prevent a senior citizen from falling.

Neurofeedback requires a minimal of 40 x 20min sessions using a 4 channel amplifier.

Brain Mapping

Also known as QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram).  Contingent upon 19 channel mapping of your brain, we will locate the areas of your whole brain that may require training or nursing back to optimal health.  You may have had a diagosed with autism, now you need to know exactly where to fix.  You may have been diagnosed with a neuro condition but the MRI shows nothing.  Hey! Its time to do a brain map.

will explain more later.  Better still, lets do a LIVE QEEG we see on screen your brainwave activity before  you send you information from 1 neuron to another.  


EVERY BRAIN HAS A CHANCE! More Accurate to train what you can see?  Simple Logic.

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