Covid 2021forced countries and individuals into financial, marital, work or academic related problems can cause anxiety and depression.  Rumination, the replaying of sadness and negative thoughts is a recipe for fatal pitfall.

Suicide is not a sudden occurrence, it builds over time.

When you are mentally distressed, your brain waves becomes scrambled!  The brain becomes an autonomous vehicle with no GPS.
QEEG:  Quantitative encephalogram is a brain scan that records brainwave electrical connections.    

Can suicide be prevented?  Yes if friends, colleagues and teachers  have a keen eye educated for such details.  Brainwaves reports amplitudes, phase coherences during brain mapping also known as a quantitative electroencephalogram which is different from an eeg.   Today, psychologist, psychiatrist worldwide can benefit from qeeg, to know how well, or not, each part of the brain is communicating or connected.   Neurofeedback is a good way to train the brain waves to buffer suicidal thoughts.   When combined with counselling, one can prevent suicide.

Step 1) A quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG), scans, records & reports the status of  your brain waves and its frequencies.


Step 2) Infra slow fluctuation (ISF) Neurofeedback training & photobiomodulation
This is skill I have used over 10 years and of course using FDA approved hardwares like Brain master.
(Note: ask me more if you like to know how to learn and purchase it)

Step 3) STOP THE DRUGS if possible!
















Please also have a look at Thai therapeutic massage help to release stress .

Organise a class, give me  whatsapp & and learn some massage technics to relax.Yes I am a psychologist with a therapeutic massage certification by the Thai Ministry of Education.

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