Parents love their children, I understand.  Therapy can be painful to watch, comply and adhere to.
Unfortunately, many parents encourage uneccessary added cost of the therapy because:

  1. Some may lack discipline to enforce a strict diet.  (love your kid and depriving him or her from sugar + gluten free diet actually helps)
  2. Some may unconsciously create environments to provide opportunities for kids to unlearn what ABA was training. (unintentional no doubt, but damaging for sure)
  3.  Their inability to make time for more therapy (search for the therapy that works and plan what comes first)


5 Foods That Can Make Autism Worse


Nothing is more upsetting to me, a therapist than the inability to help the kids because parents cannot enforce a strict diet.
A child with moderate autism may require about 200 sessions (we are dealing with the brain, not tuning a car).   Brain training  child with moderate autism is like training an athlete in speed, muscle building and cannot over stress the athlete.  Low discipline with diet
one may waste 20 sessions of neurofeedback after we have calmed/reduced their theta waves in a child.  This is a cost damaging to the tune of about $2000 and wasted 600 minutes of therapy not including driving to and from therapy sessions.


While behavioral training targets a set of outcomes,  parents must replicate similiar responses to the child as set out by behaviorist.  (Stimulus control, generalisation & schedules of reinforcements are very important)

Therapy Time

How many times have you been to a gym to build resistance, muscles, endurance?  Likewise neurofeedback.

As the tone set above.  You decide their rate of recovery and manage your ability to control the costs.